With the rise of subscriptions and usage-based monetization models, software suppliers are assigning increasing importance to building and maintaining strong customer relationships. An effective balance between compliance and flexibility will be the key to success. Revenera's 2019 Software Monetization and Pricing survey gathered input from leading software companies regarding their current strategies.

In the third report based on this survey we look at the connection between the customer relationship and monetization, usage transparency and strategies to mitigate overuse and piracy.

Key findings include:

Customer relationships are a top priority when changing monetization models.

  • 55% of respondents have already changed their monetization model to improve the customer relationship.
  • 53% of companies planning to change monetization models are looking to simple, "as-a-service" models that ease supplier/customer interactions.

Software suppliers believe it's important to provide usage transparency and proactive communication for several key events, such as; subscription renewals, maintenance end dates and others.

While suppliers are looking to build strong relationships with their customers and focus on delivering value, unintentional overuse of software and piracy are still a challenge for many.

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