How are your customers using your software? What do their usage patterns tell you about the value they receive from your software, and how does this help you run your business? Revenera's 2019 Software Monetization and Pricing survey gathered input from leading software companies regarding their current strategies and their views of where the software market is going.

In the second report based on this survey we look at usage data and how it has become a critical capability in building a successful software business.

Key findings include:

Interest in usage data is strong and continues to grow.

  • 91% of all respondents either already collect usage data or are planning to collect it in the next 24 months.
  • SaaS companies are the most engaged in collecting usage data, while those using an on-premises model are least engaged.

Many companies still have limited visibility into how their customers use their software products.

  • Only 51% of respondents said they could see if customers were using their software at all.
  • Even fewer said they could see which features are being used or if usage is increasing or decreasing.

The lack of usage understanding is the primary hurdle for companies trying to align their pricing with the value they deliver to their customers. Companies that have already developed capabilities to collect usage data are much more confident in their pricing.

  • Overall, 53% of respondents felt their pricing was aligned with the value they provide.
  • For companies with usage-based monetization models, this indicator of pricing alignment climbs to 67%.

Download the report now and see how usage data can help boost your software business.

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