A Revenue Opportunity for Application Producers

You need to accurately know what software application a customer is entitled to use and access. Many producers believe that their ERP system accurately tracks who owns what. There's a simple reason why that may not be true. ERP systems were built to handle static, physical assets, not today's ever-changing, self-served software licenses.

For software, the majority of transactions occur after the initial order (i.e. transfers, re-hosts, returns, downgrades, upgrades, updates, converted trials and more). How, and if, you capture these changes could be the cause of revenue leaks with renewal quotes, unauthorized product access and more. By taking a deeper look at these potential gaps and the automation technology available to plug these gaps, application producers have an opportunity to strengthen their revenue.

This white paper reviews ERP gaps, associated revenue risks and how "purpose-built entitlement management" technology can plug the gaps.

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