Technical equipment used by enterprises in many verticals is becoming increasingly sophisticated. In decades past, industrial, medical, and many other types of machinery and assets would often be highly sophisticated from a mechanical perspective, but significantly less sophisticated from a software perspective, with major limitations on functionality, reporting, and flexibility.

In today's markets, however, software capabilities are often a key aspect of an industrial asset. With these advancements, how can new commercial models and new layers of value be added to the provision of assets?

In this report from Transforma Insights you will find:

  • The benefits associated with remote software administration
  • The ways in which software on-board industrial assets can be managed
  • Key enabling technologies that are required to support new emerging software-centric propositions

IoT is driving enterprises toward a software-centric future and creating new monetization opportunities for intelligent device vendors. Download the report from Transforma Insights to learn more.

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