Microsoft Application Insights costs more than Usage Intelligence

In addition to the 4x license cost of Microsoft Application Insights enterprise versus Usage Intelligence. To support even basic desktop software usage analytics with Applications Insights requires significant engineering resources to develop capabilities to collect, visualize, and analyze usage data. As requirements become more complex, the investment to develop and maintain grows.

  • 45+ TOTAL DAYS - Average number of days planning and developing to configure Application Insights.
  • 7.2+ WEEKS ANNUALLY - Ongoing maintenance diverted from core product development.
Usage Intelligence: 1st analytics solution purpose-built for distributed software

Delivers better product metrics faster and more cost effectively without diverting resources to build and maintain, consider a purpose-built solution with key benefits:

  • Simple to integrate and configure
  • Automated data collection and visualization
  • Out-of-the-box reporting
  • Contextually relevant ReachOutâ„¢ in-app messaging
  • Flexible data retention and unlimited access

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