InstallAnywhere delivers a combination of ease-of-use and powerful functionality for reliable software installations on-premise or in the cloud.

InstallAnywhere gives software developers a quick and easy way to build professional installations for Linux, IBM i, Apple OS X, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows, and supports the building of Docker containers–all from a single build.

"Not only was I able to create our installers on the same day that I downloaded InstallAnywhere, but each installer ran without errors on all platforms."

Shawn Campbell, Software Developer, Yantra Software

What's new in InstallAnywhere:

  • macOS Monterey Support and Support for Apple M1 - Build installers that run seamlessly in the latest macOS version, Monterey
  • File Association in Windows – Define apps for file associations in Windows
  • 8.3 actions - Action to enable 8.3 naming convention in Windows
  • Improved macOS Support - Stability of notarization is improved and a new utility to automate notarization of installers in macOS
  • Get User Input Panel Options - Ability to define mandatory fields in Get User Input panel

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