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With InstallShield, you can:

  • Build software installs in the cloud by connecting to our Cloud License Server
  • Build one-click installers that are more modern than ever and refreshingly simple
  • Create, edit, and build InstallShield projects in Visual Studio 2022
  • Configure pre-requisites to install third-party packages from Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager
  • Easily create installers for MSIX packages that check for updates using Microsoft’s App-Installer
  • Run and create installers for the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Windows

Learn why more developers choose InstallShield to build MSI and EXE installers than any other.

"Things are more intuitive with InstallShield… the way you build the basic installer, the way you configure the features and components, and the way you design those all together and execute specific .NET functionality with assemblies."

Mano Sadeh—Engineer, Clearion Software

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InstallShield is for software developers. It is NOT for people trying to install a software program on their own computers. If you are having trouble installing a software program, please contact the company that built the software program. Or you can visit Consumer Central at