Like all developers, you’re aware that hidden risks are on the rise. But that doesn’t mean you’re aware of where they’re hidden. Where you’re vulnerable. Or what you’re exposing users to. When you know your risks and where they are, you can secure your open source code, your users, your reputation.

FlexNet Code Aware can see what you can’t in your open source code — from security threats to intellectual property (IP) compliance issues. It’s a simple scan that ensures you’re safe to ship…or stops you from spreading risk. All in a matter of minutes. Best of all, it’s free for developers like you — so you can focus on doing what you do best.

FlexNet Code Aware scans Java, NuGet, and NPM packages.

FlexNet Code Aware

A free scan tool for developers. Scan Java, NuGet, and NPM packages for open source security and open source license compliance issues.

FlexNet Code Insight

A full enterprise platform for open source security and license compliance, with support for all major software languages, more than 70 extensions and one of the industry’s largest knowledge bases with more than 14 million open source components.

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