It's an on-demand, digital world. Customers expect to receive what they need when they need it. A modern digital business needs to be secure, automated, and based on insights.

Join Revenera for a webinar on digital business success through software updates and insights.

  • Keep your software current and your customers secure with automated software and firmware updates
  • Stay informed and know exactly what software is running on which device
  • Prevent revenue leakage and stop sending non-eligible customers updates
  • Be agile by adding automation to software delivery, deployment and updates. Simplify maintenance and support processes
  • Collect and leverage valuable usage and device insights to make better product development, strategy and pricing decisions

Scott Niemann, Principal Product Manager at Revenera, will take you through state of the art processes, provide an overview on industry best practices and show you how automation can help you manage the frequency, scale and security requirements of a modern software business.


Scott Niemann
Principal Product Manager

Webinar: Software Updates and Insights