More devices, running more software – that's the overall theme of IoT growth. However, while everyone's counting connected devices, many are unaware of the number of disconnected devices. There are millions out there, many of them at the very heart of hospitals and care centers, manufacturing lines or high-security environments.

Software on devices that are not connected to the internet, needs to be as secure, as up to date and as well managed as software on connected devices. Within this webinar, Scott Niemann, Principal Product Manager will show you how Revenera is taking Software Monetization technology to the Edge. You will learn about:

  • Entitlement-driven updates for Edge devices
  • Regulatory requirements and how they might affect you
  • What you need to know about Edge devices and how you gather the right data

Software and device updates and insights are business-critical as you are implementing higher security-standards and delivering on processes like remote support, predictive maintenance or regulatory requirements. Register for this webinar to learn how you can manage software and device updates quickly, easily and automatically.


Scott Niemann
Principal Product Manager